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  • Family Portrait Ideas You’ll Love

    Family at home relaxing on carpet

    Now is the time of year where people are taking a few moments to capture the perfect family photo to include in holiday newsletters or to hang on the walls of their home. Yet you want to do something more for the family than just have everyone dress up in their Sunday best and stand in front of a white wall or a fake background in the studio. We have gathered together a list of family portrait ideas you may want to try out this year to jazz up the background while capturing some great memories in a still print.

    1: Get Outside

    There are always backgrounds of the great outdoors in the photographer's studio. Yet nothing beats the real thing. Take some real outdoor shots at some favorite locations in your yard, at the local park or at a favorite landmark. If you plan to go to a famous landmark for a photo shoot, make sure to call ahead of schedule to ask for permission and the best times to be there so you don't have to deal with a lot of crowds walking in front of the camera.

    2: Just Have Fun

    You don't have to strike a serious pose to have a great family portrait. Action shots can create some great memories and give dynamic dimension to the photos. Have the family jump in puddles during a rain storm. Jump in a pile of leaves with the kids. Take a nice stroll with someone you love up a forest path or build a sand castle at the beach. There are so many fun ways to make an awesome photograph.

    3: Keep it Simple

    Sometimes the best portraits are the ones showing the quiet moments your family shares together. A relaxing breakfast in front of a large kitchen window, the family lounging in the grass, everyone piled in the parents' bed laughing are some of the tender moments that we often take for granted yet we always cherish. These times make great family portraits as you can share them with friends and relatives as they get a glimpse into your everyday life.

    4: Silhouettes

    Silhouettes are becoming a trend as the family stands facing away from the camera with the sunset in the distance. While some people prefer face shots and clear images versus the dark silhouettes of family members, there is just something so striking about these photos. They can also make conversation pieces when hung on the wall as people will comment about how awesome the picture looks.

    5: Props

    Props can come in a wide range of objects such as bicycles, wagons, empty picture frames, brightly colored chairs, fall leaves, vases of flowers and any object that you want to have in the photograph. You can pose on the object, behind it or hold it in your hands to draw people's eyes and add an interesting touch to the scene. Pick an object that has some sentiment to you, or just have fun with it.

    When it comes to finding the perfect gift that the entire family can love, Gifts at Cooper's Corner, a fashion boutique located in Louisville Colorado, offers a large variety of items for the family. We offer high end fashions, children's tea sets, jewelry and home decor that fits into your personality and lifestyle. People can find the perfect items to complete the look of their home.

  • The Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

    three dogs wearing doctor, policeman, and firefighter costumes on white background - english cocker spaniel

    Halloween-- It’s the time where you can become someone completely different, throw on a costume, and temporarily change who you are. But, this holiday isn’t just for humans anymore. After all, your dog is just as much a part of your family as anyone else. Check out these awesome costumes for dogs that will help you include your furry friend in the holiday spirit.

    Chia Pet: The Real Deal

    What’s better then dressing up as a pun for Halloween? Dressing your dog up as one! Popular right now is the “chia Pet” costume. Small dogs work the best for this and various online pictures feature breeds like French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas. The best part, this costume is mostly on your dog’s back, meaning it doesn’t hurt your dog’s mobility, making it more comfortable for them. Everyone adores chia pets, and this is a costume that will draw a great amount of attention to you and your pet.


    This is the perfect costume for a bigger dog and great if you also have a little kid to be Harry Potter. Drape a black cloak over your dog and attach two stuffed animal dogs to the right and left side. So many people love Harry Potter and this is a great costume that will have nerds all over squealing with joy.  Not only is this incredibly adorable and a great way to help include your dog in your family costume choices, but it’s easy and affordable to do.

    Dog Food

    This costume is another easy one, but is also incredibly fun to pull off. Good for large and small dogs simply attach a crocodile stuffed animal of any size to the back end of your dog, as if it is eating them from the back. When people ask what it’s supposed to do you can comically say “dog food!” Fun and unique this costume has the makings of the perfect dog costume.


    What’s more classic than a ghost costume? Simply cut holes for the eyes and your dog’s snout and drape it over them. Just make sure that the sheet isn’t too long, you don’t want your dog to trip over it as they go about Halloween festivities with you!


    Great for little black and brown dogs, this costume can be adorable or scary depending on what look you are going for. All you have to do is find a way to construct lightweight spider legs and attach them to your dog’s back. Everything after that id sup to you! You can give them marks to create a specific type of spider, create red eyes, or just leave them looking cute and cuddly.

    There’s nothing better than having your dog, big or small, become part for your holiday traditions. Whether you want to take them with you to a party or have them be a companion to your costume during trick or treating, there are multitudes of ways that you help make your dog part of your life. Halloween is meant to be fun for everyone, why should your dog be an exception? Give them the Halloween they deserve by giving them a great costume.

  • Fall Women’s Clothing Trends To Keep You Warm And Cozy

    Happy active woman with bike bicycle in foggy fall autumn park. Glad young girl in jacket and scarf relaxing. Healthy lifestyle and recreation leisure activity.

    Fall is here, and with it the latest fashion trends in women's clothing. Fashion designers everywhere are putting their own creative flair into our wardrobe choices, as we can take advantage to strut our stuff down the street like a runway model. Some of the trends that may interest you this year include:

    Brazen Prints

    Prints are back just like the extravagant colors that cover the tree leaves when the Fall weather arrives. Dark reds, purples and blue prints are found on dresses, blouses, skirts, tunics, and coats this year. For people who love the brocade design, or large intricate floral patterns, they will love going to the coffee shop feeling comfortable in these beautiful prints.

    Modest Fur Fringe

    For people who love the soft and silky texture of fur, you will see it placed sparingly in Fall fashions. Fur collars and pockets on coats, and fur collars on elegant evening dresses, will set the right mood for a night out on the town while keeping you warm. Unlike last year when fur was everywhere, the current trend style is for a more modest and simple look.

    High Stepping In Boots

    Boot season is here, and this footwear is making a big impression. Over-the-knee boots and short dresses are the perfect combination for the changing fall temperatures. Even when the temperatures warm up, you can still keep cool with this ideal combination. If you don't own a pair of over-the-knee boots, don't worry. Just get out the shorter chic boots and put it with your favorite outfit to make the perfect clothing impression.

    Slip Dresses Promote Femininity

    Remember back in the 1990s when women wore slip dresses everywhere. The dresses were comfortable, sexy and versatile as you could pair them with pants, long coats and shawls depending on the event or special occasion. Well, slip dresses are back and ready for Fall. Enjoy bold contrasting colors, prints and solid color slip dresses that will keep you cool on those hotter-than-average Fall days.

    Oversized Jewelry Completing the Look

    Admit it. You were a little sad when you placed your over-sized jewelry back into your jewelry box never to be seen again during this decade. Never fret. Over-sized jewelry is seen again during the Fall of 2015 as large earrings and draping necklaces will make their sparkly appearance. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to shop for newer items because a girl can never have enough jewelry.

    Pantsuits Bringing the Professional Look Back Into the Spotlight

    Pantsuits never really went out of style. They just faded into the background and were never really talked about or revamped enough for people to take notice. Well, the pantsuit is getting its due attention now. Pantsuits are perfect Fall fashions when you want to look stylish and professional without feeling stuffy. Gray pantsuits are very "in" this year.

    Long Coats For The Wet Weather

    Long coats are the perfect fashion coat for the unpredictable and wet weather. This season, the longer the coat is, the better. The common trend is a coat with long sleeves that partially or fully cover over the hands. You certainly won't have to wear gloves with these coats.

  • Amazing Things To Do With Wine Besides Drink it

    Wine bottles in row isolated on white

    Receiving wine as a gift from a friend or a relative makes for a great evening of laughing and dining while giving multiple toasts. Yet for some reason, you may not finish the whole bottle or the wine you receive doesn't fit into your particular preferences (pehaps it is too sweet or too dry). Instead of chucking the wine down the sink drain, use the wine in other ways so that you aren't wasting a single drop of it. Wine gifts are a great idea for those wine enthusiasts in your life.

    Bake with Wine to Make Sangria Cupcakes or Cake

    Wine and dessert is the perfect pairing for any special occasion or when you are in the mood to make something delicious in the oven. Sangria, or any type of wine that you desire, can be used to make delicious delicacies such as red wine cake, sangria cupcakes or frostings. The wine can be incorporated directly into the cake, or you can make it into a type of filling when mixed with pectin and fruit juices and then placed into the center of a cupcake.

    Freeze Wine to Make Sorbets and Granitas

    The interesting thing about wine is that when placed into the freezer, it will not become solid like ice cubes. Instead, it will take on a semi-frozen texture due to the alcohol content as it will be more of a slushie. This phenomenon makes wine the perfect ingredient for sorbets and granitas. Just add some sweetners and a bit of crushed fruit to have the perfect iced dessert to serve at outdoor parties or to enjoy when watching a movie marathon at home.

    Simmer Wine and Pasta Together for an Eye-Catching Dish

    We all know that you can use wine in stovetop cooking methods to give tomato sauce a robust flavor or to braise meat until it falls apart in deliciousness. Yet you can take your cooking a step farther with creating wine pasta. All you need is some spaghetti noodles and your favorite red wine. During the last minutes of cooking the pasta, pour the wine in with the boiling water and stir until the pasta is completely done. You won't even need to add sauce once you taste this flavorful dish.

    Use Wine to Make Jelly

    Just like making the filling for sangria cupcakes, you can just add the pectin, fruit and water together with the wine to make a nice big jar of jelly. You will end up spreading this classy jelly on everything from toast to bagels. Avoid using spoiled wine for this recipe as fresh wine will give you a better taste. Don't forget to make extra wine jelly and give it as a gift during the holidays.

    Have Fermenting Wine to Turn into Vinegar

    Vinegar is one of the most versatile liquids that you can have in your kitchen. You can cook with it, clean with it, and even remove clogs from your drain. Fermented wine is already on its way into becoming vinegar. All you have to do is add a bacterial starter (mother) and keep feeding the batch of fermented wine with more wine. As it ages, the wine will turn into vinegar.

    However, if you are the person who isn't going to waste a single drop of that bottle of wine, check into these unique wine gifts.

  • Best Kids Tea Party Ideas

    Tea garden party for kids. Child birthday celebration. Little boy and girl play outdoor drinking hot chocolate and eating cake. Children eat sweets. Kid event with toy dish and flower decoration.

    Kids tea parties are more than just serving imaginary tea to the stuffed animals, although that is always a fun activity on those rainy days. You can allow your child to throw her very own real tea party that will be fun for her friends and make the day feel extra special. Here are several ideas for the best kids tea parties from making invitations to hosting themed parties. Make sure everyone is invited, even the stuffed teddy bears, to this fun occasion.

    Choose a Theme

    Choosing a theme can be exciting for kids and make the party more personalized. You can have a princess tea party, pirate tea party or a butterfly garden tea party. Pick a theme that focuses on your child's interests and then incorporate the theme into all aspects of the tea party, such as the party invitations, table settings, craft projects and party favors. Also let the kids dress up to make the party even more special.

    Get the Perfect Tea Party Set and Accessories

    Base the type of tea party cups, saucers and other items on the age of the child. Older children can be trusted more with a real porcelain or bone china tea set on their own. Yet younger children would have to be supervised with such delicate sets to prevent the items from becoming cracked or chipped.

    Let Your Child be Involved With the Invitations and Party Favors

    It's easy for the parent to take charge and do everything themselves because it will be less messy and time-consuming. Yet having your child involved with making or buying the invitations and party favors will let her feel as if it is truly her special tea party. Let her pick out the craft paper and choose the designs for the invitations, or place stickers on the envelopes before passing them out to her friends.

    Serve Tea and Appetizers Suitable for Children

    While your child may want the strong tea, keep in mind that giving them that much caffeine is not good for them. Select low decaf options, lemonade, cider or fruit punch for the party. If you plan to serve appetizers and desserts, finger foods work best for small hands as you can give them sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes.

    Don't forget to Give Them Something to do

    it is true that the main objective of a tea party is to serve tea and eat snacks. Yet children can become bored with just sitting in one place the entire time. Create games and craft projects so they can have some entertainment during the party. Craft ideas can range from making pretty butterfly fans to colorful Victorian fans.

    Games can be as simple as card games -- such as Go Fish -- to more active games like ring toss, throwing frisbees or playing badminton. If you do plan to have more rigorous activities while hosting a themed dress-up party, make sure that the children bring spare play clothes and running shoes so they don't get their princess dresses dirty.

    Have Music They can Sing and Dance to

    Music is great to have on in the background while the kids are eating and drinking at the table. There are thousands of kid songs available from princess songs to young adult music where kids sing popular pop music. You don't have to go out and purchase the music if you don't have it on hand. Many online music sites and apps allow you to stream the tunes through your smartphone, laptop or computer for free or at a very low price.

  • Plan The Perfect Dog-Friendly Vacation

    Two happy little children and their German Shepherd Dog are waving and peeking their heads out the window of a van

    Seeing your favorite furry pal left at a friend's house or the kennel always tears you up inside when you are going on vacation. Yet many resorts and vacation destinations are becoming more pet-friendly for people who want to bring fido along. Before packing your bags and your dog for the trip, use the following tips to make the vacation fun for the both of you.

    1: Understand the Rules of the Vacation Destination

    While the hotel may be dog-friendly, the attractions may not allow dogs or have strict rules when a dog is at the location. Review all the rules so you can create an itinerary that is best for both you and your pet. You should also be aware that just because a hotel allows dogs does not mean it is a dog-friendly place to spend the night. Some hotels go all out to make your pet feel welcome with dog beds, pet food dishes and even walking services. Also, take note if there are any special charges attached, such as paying a higher hotel rate or a nonrefundable cleaning fee.

    2: Pack for Pet Emergencies

    Just like you would pack a first-aid kit for your family, you need to pack an emergency kit for your pet. Some dogs can suffer from motion sickness or get overheated during the long road trips. Other dogs are escape artists and will try to jump out windows when seeing that elusive squirrel. Packing pet medications, plenty of water, and pet restraints will keep your pet happy and safe in the car.

    3: Have Microchips and Tags for Your Dog

    While your dog may act like they have built-in GPS when they roam out of your yard at home, remember that you will be going to a destination that they are not familiar with as they can easily get lost at a state park or along the beach. Have current identification tags so people can contact you if they should find your dog. If your dog gets picked up by the local animal shelter or is taken to a vet, having him microchipped allows the staff to access identification information as they can let you know that your pet has been found.

    4: Bring Along Comfort Toys and Treats

    Pets can feel anxious when they are traveling by car or staying at a strange location. Bringing along treats and toys from home makes the dog more calm and comfortable with their environment. If your dog shows the signs of being stressed or jumpy, such as when hearing fireworks or thunderstorms, take them to a quiet location as you can calm your dog down and maintain control. The last thing you want is a nervous pet nipping at people when stressed out.

    5: Plan for Pit Stops

    If you will be driving to your vacation destination, your dog needs a break from the long drive as much as the kids do. Go over your route and decide on the perfect places where you can pull over and allow your pet to relieve themselves or engage in some play time. Always remember to leash your pet before opening the car door as you don't want to risk the chance of the dog jumping out of the car and into the nearby road.

    Planning for a perfect dog-friendly vacation isn't difficult if you give yourself enough time to research and gather the things you need for the trip. Make the vacation fun and entertaining for your dog as you will enjoy having your best friend along on the trip.

  • Wine Pairing Survival Guide

    Two wineglasses, cheese and grapes on the terrace of vineyard in Lavaux region, Switzerland

    While we all might be aware that certain wines go best with certain foods and tastes, what we don’t necessarily all know is how to pair them. Whether you are looking to figure out what wine to pair with a meal, cheese, dessert, or other appetizer, look to this simple guide for some basic assistance.

    The Reds

    Pinot Noir


    -Goat cheese, brie, walnuts


    -Lamb, sausage, filet mignon, chicken


    -Orange roughy, tuna


    -Mushrooms, dried fruit, figs, strawberries


    Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove


    -Mushroom sauce, light-medium, red sauce


    -Crème brulee, white chocolate



    -Sharp chedder, Roquefort, hazelnuts


    -Roast game, pepperoni, spicy sausage




    -Currants, stewed tomatoes, beets


    -Oregano, sage


    -Heavy sauce, red sauce, Barbeque


    -Black Forest cake, rhubarb pie



    -Parmesan, Romano, chestnuts


    -Grilled meats, steak


    -Grilled swordfish, tuna


    -Caramelized onions, tomatoes, plums


    -Bolognese, béarnaise


    -Dark chocolate, berries, fondue

    Cabernet Sauvignon


    -Cheddar, gorgonzola, walnuts


    -Venison, rib eye, beef stew


    -Grilled tuna


    -Black cherries, broccoli, tomatoes


    -Rosemary, juniper, lavender


    - Brown sauce, tomatoes sauce


    -Bittersweet, chocolate, espresso, gelato

    The Whites

    Sauvignon Blanc


    -Feta, goat cheese, pine nuts


    -Chicken, Turkey


    -Sole, oysters, scallops


    -Citrus, green apple, asparagus


    -Chives, tarragon, cilantro


    -Citrus, light sauces


    Sorbet, key lime pie



    -Asiago, havarti, almonds


    -Veal, chicken, pork


    -Halibut, shrimp, crab


    -Potato, apple, squash, mango


    -Tarragon, sesame, basil


    -Cream sauce, pesto


    -Banana bread, vanilla pudding



    -Havarti, Gouda, candied walnuts


    -Smoked sausage, duck


    -Sea bass, trout


    -Apricots, chili peppers, pears


    -Rosemary, ginger


    -Sweet BBQ, spicy, chutney


    -Apple pie, caramel sauce

    So there you have it! An easy-to-follow guide that is sure to impress your guests, beginning with appetizers all the way through dessert. Now all you need are the wine holders and bottle openers. Bon appétit!

  • Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Workplace


    Sleepy beagle dog in funny glasses near laptop


    There are various reasons why people bring their furry friends into work. Perhaps your workdays are too long and your dog gets lonely, your dog would be the perfect office dog, or maybe you know your dog will destroy the house out of resentment for you leaving every day. Whatever the reason is, you want to make sure your dog is workplace ready before bringing him/her into your professional environment!

    Doggy Manners

    Doggy manners are always important, but this is especially true when you are brining your pup into a professional environment. If your dog doesn’t know basic manners, they may not be ready for your workplace just yet. If your dog misbehaves by chewing, jumping, barks, runs in frantic circles, or is aggressive, they are not a suitable fit for a working environment. Mellow-mannered dogs are best for workplaces, but if you can train your pooch to be the most well behaved pup around, then bringing them to the workplace most certainly becomes a possibility.

    Permission from Everyone

    While you may think it is a great idea to make your dog a workplace dog, others in your working place may disagree. For this it is important everyone in the office gives enthusiastic permission to hire your pup as the new office mascot. This includes your manager or whoever is in charge in addition to all employees in the space. You never know who might have issues with allergies or simply feel uncomfortable with an animal in the workplace. First and foremost, the workplace must be a comfortable place for the people.

    Potty Trained

    This is a given, we all hope!

    Set Clear Boundaries

    After you’ve received permission from everyone else in the workplace, the next important step is to set clear boundaries for the new office addition. Will your dog stay in a crate in your workspace/office, will it be free to roam in your personal workspace/office, or will it be allowed to wonder and roam throughout shared workspace such as public rooms and/or other people’s personal spaces? Again, make sure everyone is on the same page here!

    Asses the Work Environment

    When deciding if your dog will work well with your work space, it is important to first asses the environment and atmosphere itself. Some workplaces are simply too professional for animals (with the exception of service animals). At the same time, others are much more laid back and may even appreciate an office dog! Besides the actual work atmosphere, it is additionally important to assess how accommodating the space is for your dogs needs. Is there easy access to an outdoor space where your doggie can do their own business? Is there ample space for food, water, and a resting space for your pooch? Both factors are necessary to consider.

    Set Up a Comfortable Space

    This is similar to the point above, but it is worth repeating. After you have established that the people around you will be comfortable with a furry friend, you need to insure your dog will be comfortable here as well. Again, this means making sure they have space for a bed, their silent toys, food and water, and access to an outside area for them to take their potty breaks.

  • Phone Apps That Make Life Easier

    The words App Market on a white application tile in a wall of apps in a store which sells software programs for download to your smart phone or other electronic device

    Living in the digital age these days, there truly is an app for everything. Some are silly and exist solely for entertainment purposes while others have extremely innovative and useful applications to your daily life. Whether it is coming up with workouts, avoiding traffic, planning meals, staying social or whatever else, here are some creative apps that you can access anywhere on your phone and that are sure to make your life easier.

    Nike+ Training Club

    There are tons of mobile training and workout apps out there and Nike+ Training Club is currently one of the most popular. With more than 100 workouts to choose from and a customized full-body four-week plan option, there is plenty of variety with this app. A trainer leads you through the routines in addition to videos which demonstrate the moves. In the most updated version, you are even given the option to swap out routines you don’t enjoy for ones you like.


    This is a great little app to help organize recipes and plan meals for your busy and scattered life! It is an all-in-one kitchen app that allows you to import recipes from websites, food blogs, or Word documents and then organize them into a weekly or monthly meal planner. When you ‘add to shopping list’ the list of necessary ingredients will appear on the grocery menu. The app even includes a timer to help you keep track of cooking times during meal prep.

    Remember the Milk

    This is definitely the ultra organizer app. It enables you to organize your tasks by priority (bills due), day of the week (errands you need to run for your kids birthday party Saturday), and type (home, work, personal to-do’s). You can even organize and look up errands by location. For example, if you have some extra time and are “in the neighborhood”, complete a to-do list that isn’t even scheduled until next week. You can even share the “honey-do” list with your partner, roommate, etc. so they can also “remember the milk”.


    A great little social app, Weotta helps you stay in the loop on what is happening around your area and helps you stay connected with what other friends are up to. The app enables you to search by occasion and category, such as ‘girl’s night’ or of ‘first date’. Additionally, you can purchase tickets for events right off the app.


    It is never fun to have to worry and stress about your money situation and the Mint app takes away some of that anxiety. Mint connects you with your bank, credit cards, and whatever else you need. It then organizes your purchases by category so you know exactly where the little expenses are coming from or even the one time splurges. You can then set a monthly budget and will receive reminders as well as advise that helps you stay on track with your expenses and budgets.

    Dark Sky

    Inaccurate weather apps can be frustrating when you are trying to plan something as simple as what you need to wear in the morning. Dark Sky comes as a solution to iffy weather information with its extremely accurate assessments and minute by minute updates. The interface tells you things as specific as “light rain beginning in 19 minutes”. Additionally, it shows you weather maps that allow you to play local-news weather expert.

    Think Dirty

    For those of us who are especially concerned about the products we put in our body but don’t actually have time to do the research, this little app is a big help. By scanning the barcode of the personal care product you are about to buy, the app will pull up a list of information and potentially harmful ingredients. If you would like, it even provides alternative products. It is a useful app for fact-checking labels that make claims such as “all-natural” and “organic”.  No personal care product company is getting away with any sneaky business with this app!

    Word Lens

    If you are a world traveler but haven’t had the time to learn all the foreign languages (because let’s be honest, is that even realistic?!) this app is brilliantly practical. Word Lens visually translates printed text into the language you understand. This can be extremely useful for deciphering things like menus and event signs that are in a foreign language you don’t understand.


    No one enjoys or has time to be stuck in traffic and if you could avoid it, of course you would! And now you can with Waze. Waze is an app that drivers share in real-time to let one another know about traffic delays and diversions as they happen. This includes everything from accidents, traffic jams, even patrol units. Drivers can work as a team to help each other get where they need to go in the most efficient way.

    Whether you need an app to help you pick out what cute tunic matches your pants or to help you pick out the perfect little girls tea set for your nieces birthday party, they're available.

  • Homemade Dog Toys Dogs Will Love

    Labrador retriever dog playing with rubber toy on the grass

    We all love our furry friends and we don’t want them to be bored for their sakes. Additionally, a bored doggy could lead to trouble for your home! However, unloading a lot of money into ensuring they are always entertained may not be on the top of the priority list. Luckily, dogs don’t necessarily need a lot to stay happy and occupied. More often than not, it is the simple, unlikely things that dogs love the most. Unfortunately, you might have realized this too little too late after coming home to your favorite pair of loafers torn to shreds! Luckily, there are a handful of other low cost (even free!) homemade dog toy options that both you and your playful pooch will love!

    Old Glove with Treats in the Fingers

    To avoid coming home to those favorite pair of shoes being ripped to shreds, instead dig through the house to find old and used items. One great item is an old glove. Gloves have a great shape to keep dogs busy, especially when there are hidden treats inside each finger! Simply take the glove and stuff the inside with treats, or even something squishy or noisy to provide your dog something worth paying attention to.

    Plastic Water Bottle Wrapped in a Sock

    It is amazing how the most simple, and to us mundane, things can serve to entertain your dog for hours on end. Next time, before going to throw out your empty plastic water bottle, hold on to it for your dog. Plastic water bottles make the perfect sound and have the perfect crunch and “chew-ability” for your teething friend. Stick the bottle in an old sock to add another layer of texture, durability and chewy factor for you pup! While this may be nothing more than a piece of trash to us, it might be more fun than that $30 chew toy at the pet store for your doggy!

    Braided T-Shirt Rope

    If you are interested in an easy little DIY project, making a braided t-shirt rope for your dog will be fun and easy for the both of you. Simply find an old t-shirt or two that are just cluttering your closet. Cut them into a few dozen strips, double some up and start braiding away for a nice thick and durable chew and tug-a-war toy! No need to bother purchasing one of these when it is so simple to do yourself.

    Frozen Chicken Broth Soaked Rope

    This is another super simple and low cost option for your pooch, especially if they prefer a little tasty treat along with their toys. Like the braided t-shirt rope, this toy just requires you to find some old rope around the house. Try to pick a thicker, more durable piece. This might require some braiding of multiple pieces if necessary! Then simply soak it in chicken broth and stick it in the freezer. Once hard, it becomes the perfect tasty chew toy that your dog will appreciate more than you know.

    Tennis Ball Treat

    If your doggy isn’t a fetcher per se but loves the bright color, texture and chewiness of a tennis ball, this fun and tasty toy may be perfect. Take a tennis ball, old or new, and cut a small slit in it, about a half inch to an inch long. Stuff the ball with your dog’s favorite small treats and let them go wild gnawing at the ball and getting some treats in the process!

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